Tuesday, July 24, 2012

InterpretAmerica Recognizes Lou Provenzano's Contributions to the Interpreting Profession

InterpretAmerica Co-Presidents are both in Monterey this week, wrapping up final details from June’s conference and initiating planning for the 4th Summit.

Over the next couple of weeks we want to highlight the unique contributions made by key sponsors, speakers and participants. 

Today we start with Lou Provenzano. We would like to honor Lou’s contributions to the interpreting profession during his term as CEO and President of Language Line Services:

"In 2009, when we were organizing the 1st North American Summit on Interpreting, Lou was the first business leader that we contacted to support the event," said Barry Slaughter Olsen, InterpretAmerica Co-President. "He immediately saw the potential in a conference that would bring leadership from the entire interpreting industry together to leverage our respective strengths."

Co-President Katharine Allen, who has wide experience in the medical interpreting sector, has worked with Lou Provenzano on many projects, including the initial dialog supporting national medical interpreter certification and on language access issues in California and nationally.

"Through Lou's support, Language Line became an early sponsor of the Summit. Lou personally lent his support as a speaker on misclassification issues during the 2nd Summit, helping us to spotlight this critical yet poorly understood issue. At this year's Summit, Lou helped kick off the Summit at the Language Line sponsored Festival of Cultures, celebrating the company's 30th Anniversary and Monterey as the Language Capitol of the World."

InterpretAmerica applauds Lou for the work he has accomplished to build the telephonic interpreting industry in the United States and internationally, as well as the personal commitment and passion he brought to his work.

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