Sunday, June 2, 2013

Live Webstreaming Comes to the 4th InterpretAmerica Summit!

On The Cutting Edge: Bringing Interpreting To The Forefront is this year's theme for the InterpretAmerica Summit, taking place this June 14-15 in Reston, Virginia.

Exploring the "cutting edge" in the interpreting profession is not just a one-off conference theme for us, it is a primary focus. Another primary goal is to help create a highly recognized and respected platform for the profession itself.

We are proud to announce that this year, in collaboration with Voices For Health, we will be advancing both goals in one exciting package: 

Live webstreaming for Day Two of the Summit. 
(See below for details and more information about Voices for Health.)

To our knowledge, this will be the first time a national-level interpreting conference is streamed live to a virtual audience from North America.

Why stream? 
  • Affordable: Interpreters, language service companies and educators around the world have told us they would love to attend an InterpretAmerica Summit but often can't make it because of the time and cost associated with travel.
  • You Can Have It All: In what is surely a positive sign of growth, our field is increasingly crowded with on-site meetings. It can be hard to attend every event relevant to your professional growth!
  • Broader Audience: In our increasingly virtual and mobile world, streaming provides a wonderful opportunity to open the Summits up to a broad international audience. The adage that there is strength in numbers is all too true. The more we unite as a field, the more we can further our goals of greater recognition, remuneration, and opportunity.
  • Taking Control of Technology: Similarly the more our profession embraces the new technological landscape proactively and positively, the more we can adapt these tools to the benefit of interpreting.
Programming for Day 2 of the InterpetAmerica Summit brings you top-notch speakers and panels that will challenge our assumptions about technology and bring new perspective to everything from interpreter practice to training indigenous language interpreters. 

Our closing keynote speaker Saima Wahab's account of her time as a woman Pashtun interpreter for the US forces in Afghanistan is something everyone will benefit from. The full program can be viewed here.

Our "streamers" will be able to view Saturday's sessions, and comment and ask questions using Twitter (Hashtag #IASummit4), all from the comfort of your home computer or smart device. 

Space is limited, so register now! Cost of registration is $25.00 USD. 


Want to attend InterpretAmerica 4 in person? No problem! 

Register for the Summit now to take advantage for our full two-day program and the many networking and professional opportunities we provide onsite.


Voices for Health - comprehensive language and culture solutions
Owned and operated by healthcare providers, Voices For Health was established in 1997 to improve the quality of healthcare, education and social services through comprehensive language and culture solutions. As the largest provider of face-to-face medical interpreting in Michigan, we also provide over-the-phone and video remote interpreting to healthcare organizations nationwide. Additional services include written translation, cross-cultural lectures, language classes, multilingual research, film production and event live streaming. In the summer of 2013, VoicesACADEMY will be launched online (, providing medical interpreters, translators and healthcare providers with affordable on-demand access to a video library of continuing education content.


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